Experiences designed to highlight Benom Wines, expand our members palates and create community within the family.

Events are reserved for Club Members only.




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The Fall Release event featured samples of the 2020 Vintage of Les Deux Freres, Lapsus, Origin and our brand new wine Le Vingt with bite pairings from Danior Catering. Guests had the chance to choose and take home their Fall Allocation before the official release in September. L’Essor and Contrast were poured while one of our French Cooperage Companies taught us about the art of creation of the oak barrels we use.

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An intimate dinner event with the Arnaud Fabre and Benom team featuring imported French Wines from unique terroirs, Benom Wines and an expertly crafted dining experience from Oak&Vine's Chef Justin Monson.


This event was a seminar style where members had the opportunity to learn about the 2019 vintage from Guillaume and Arnaud. Spring club members enjoyed bite pairings from Oak&Vine catering and tastings of our 2019 spring wines: Hoc, Muze, L'Essor and Contrast. Guests also had a chance to sample some champagne and blind taste our 2020 Origin side by side with a 2018 Cabernet based Bordeaux wine.


The inaugural dining experience featuring Champagne, the 2019 fall vintage of Benom Wines, library wines and a four course meal by Chef Jeff Scott.