Map of Vineyards on the West Side of Paso Robles

BENOM sources fruit from the renowned Willow Creek and Adelaida districts on the West side of Paso Robles, which are celebrated for their cooler climate, increased precipitation, maritime influence, and calcareous soil. Additional fruit is sourced from Edna Valley and Santa Barbara county for cool climate Syrah and Chardonnay.


Sourcing fruit allows BENOM a unique opportunity to create wine from a multitude of soil types and sub-climates. We are honored to have great partnerships with local viticulturists and fellow wineries who share the same passion for growing and cultivating high-quality vines.


Central Coast AVAs

The Central Coast benefits from a diverse array of American Viticulture Areas (AVAs), spanning from cool coastal climates with sandy soil to warmer regions featuring calcareous soil and beyond.


Vineyards: Parrish Family, Hawks Hill, Rolph Family


Varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc


Adelaida District is situated on the far West side of Paso Robles in the Santa Lucia Mountain range. Known for its limestone and calcareous soil, Adelaida receives higher average rainfall and cool ocean breezes when compared to the East side. The rocky soil and elevated terrain in numerous vineyards result in the development of exquisite and intricate fruit flavors.

Vineyards: L'Aventure, Coakley, Paderewski, G2, Paperstreet, Gateway


Varietals: Graciano, Carignan, Mourvèdre, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Grenache


Nestled on the western side of Paso Robles within the Santa Lucia Mountains, the Willow Creek wine region has a distinctive terroir celebrated for its chalky limestone soil. The area experiences a cooler climate influenced by breezes from the Templeton Gap, contributing to the development of unique and complex grape flavors.

Vineyards: BENOM Estate


Varietals: To be announced


York Mountain is a historic appellation known to be the home of Paso Robles' first winery: York Mountain Winery. With its mountainous terrain and close proximity to the ocean, York Mountain has one of the largest diurnal shifts in the area, sometimes with a 50-degree difference in less than 24 hours. BENOM is thrilled to call York Mountain home to our estate, which will be planted in 2024. 

Vineyards: Spanish Springs, Bien Nacido, Greengate Ranch


Varietals: Chardonnay


As one of the Central Coast AVAs closest to the ocean, Edna Valley has a cool climate with significant coastal fog. Steeped in history within SLO County, this region has vines dating back to the 1800s, originally planted by the missions. The distinct terroir of Edna Valley, coupled with oceanic breezes, imparts a signature elegance to its wines.

Vineyards: Solomon Hills


Varietals: Chardonnay


Neighboring SLO County, Santa Maria Valley is immediately south of Edna Valley. As a part of Santa Barbara County, Santa Maria is a cool climate-growing region. This region has one of California's longest growing seasons, influenced by its proximity to the Pacific Ocean. The cool ocean breezes prevalent in the area contribute to the production of Chardonnay with vibrant acidity and rich complexity.

Vineyards: White Hawk


Varietals: Syrah


Nestled between east-to-west running mountains that channel coastal air and fog, Santa Barbara is characterized by an ancient sandy terroir, imparting minerality to the grapes. The region benefits from sunny days and a cool, marine climate, allowing the grapes an extended growing season. This unique combination results in beautifully balanced wines, showcasing both power and nuanced flavors.